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Dec 26, 2022

There are tons of places online to talk about sports… but not many to talk about youth sports. YouthSportsTalk.com is brand new and is dedicated to healthy discussion about ANY youth sport.

If you are a parent… athlete… coach… official… or even a fan… this is the site for you.

Create an account and introduce yourself by replying right here to this thread! Once we get a few people on here talking… more will join.
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Welcome to the first thread! Introduce yourself ad get in the game...

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Ouch... not like that.

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Hi! Not many takers on here yet... I'm a Multi-sport mom (also on chalkbucket!) and am looking to make some connections outside of gymnastics. My DD has done track for two years now and won a silver medal this year for our provincial (Canadian) championships in hurdles. I'm so proud of her drive to improve this year. We have an exceedingly short season, and our facilities are outdoor only in our area so we will have to get creative in training as she wants to keep up her form for next year. I'd love some training advice for someone who has limited access to facilities through the 10 months in between competitions! We are only guaranteed about three months before the snow might start again.